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Dear friends of Autofascination International,
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A co-operation for the benefit of our customers! 

Autofascination.com is a cooperation between Autofascination Corp. and Eurotrade Engineering AG, which was founded in 2009 in Switzerland. The cooperation between the two companies is beneficial both for the workshops, as well as our end customers. Autofascination Corp. serves the logistics in all areas, the acquisition and distribution activities are implemented by Autofascination Corp. too. Eurotrade Engineering AG is responsible for the website and support with the experience of over 20 years chip tuning manufacturing. This cooperation delivers the continuous optimization of the online stores and the expansion of Autofascination, thus guaranteeing optimal customer service.

Autofaszination.de Logo | Shop für Chiptuning & GaspedaltuningThe Autofascination brand 

The renowned brand "Autofascination" has been growing steadily since market launch following a brief market analysis process. Our performance improvement was to be affordable and easy to install, especially in diesel vehicles. Technical improvements on the part of vehicle manufacturers motivated us to continually develop our products to enable reliable and error-free operation everyday use on the road. Customer demands and software standards have grown steadily. Soon, it became feasible to implement linkage to the vehicle by original equipment, which meant that the installation and removal times became shorter.

Moreover, and this was always the most important factor, we were in a position to provide a new quality standard for our wide range of installation companies. Finally, we had our modules checked for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) by TÜV to demonstrate that they do not trigger interference in vehicle electronics. Our firm belief that installation should always be conducted by a specialist workshop decisively helped shape our strategic direction. The plan was to enable customers to buy your products with us, and to have the installation performed by any of the thousands of installation partners, or directly by your own workshop. This has proven to be the most reliable option in dealing with performance boosters. Today, this concept has grown into a firmly established corporate philosophy, which is also reflected in the quality standard ISO 9001 of our operations.
Starting in 2011, we have placed our focus on the development of a professional Internet business. We are now in a position where our basic idea of "private purchases online - expert installation by workshop" as an automotive company has actively shaped the industry. The appointment between private clients and workshop takes place directly via our platform. That's how our customers swiftly get to enjoy a new and individual driving pleasure.

The American Web Service Repair Shops

In early 2014, our full service concept for cars was expanded further, and now bears the label "Swiss Web Garage Service". To date, more than 4'700 workshops in Switzerland have registered as autofaszination.ch installation partners, and bear the Swiss Web Garage logo. They are the actively recommended to our private customers as an address for the installation in the scope of the ordering process, since the online purchase ends only with the installation of the equipment in the garage. The customer therefore enjoys an unprecedented level of price transparency, while enjoying comfortable installation by a skilled professional. The customer selects the preferred installation date and the items online for swift and easy delivery to a local garage. The "German web garage service" is an attractive service with exclusive member benefits, and certifies the garage as an autofascination.com partner. This indicates to our private customers that the workshop is up to date and places an emphasis on transparent service provision. Customers is in a position to book workshop services 24 hours a day by phone, over the Internet or by mobile phone on the road. In november 2015 the successfull concept came to USA and it's cold "American Web Service Repair Shops".

Your advantage is our priority

We, the Autofascination team, are looking forward to change the workshop entire culture with you as customers or garages/dealers. Gather all information online, select a product, and schedule an appointment. We want to make it easier for you to place your favorite car in the good hands of an expert!

Support us as customers and critical advisors. Help us become even more customer-friendly and customer-oriented. We regards ourselves as a hub for your car. Your advantage is our priority. We place you, the customer, at the center of our strategic orientation - without compromise. Actively engage. Send us an e-mail, address us by chat, or call us directly.

20 Jahre Erfahrung Autofaszination.deWe thank you, our customers, for further years of success, with all minor and major challenges that come with it.
We are proud to provide our customers with expert advice based on more than 20 years' experience in the area of engine optimization.

With best online regards, your Autofascination team