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DrivePower - LET14 Autofaszination

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With DrivePower - LET14, you are on the safe side. We simply exploit manufacturers tolerances, and our 2-year warranty means that you can install our chip tuning safely. There are more than 2,700 certified DrivePower - LET14 installation workshops nationwide. In addition to 20% additional performance, save up to 15% in fuel by installing a PowerDrive - LET14 performance enhancement module. Our products are manufactured according to the strict ISO 9001 norm, and the Autofascination chiptuning is also TÜV-certified. To find out more about one of the 5 reasons, simply click on one of the icons above.



The chip tuning module DrivePower - LET14, an additional module for engine performance enhancement, underwent several years of development with the involvement of more than 20 years of experience in the design of diesel and gasoline engine performance boosters. The "Leading Edge Technology", abbreviated to LET, was revolutionized with the launch of the LET14 in 2014, the next step after the LET11! DrivePower is the evolution of LET14. The most important fact about LET technology is that no modification of the original engine control unit is required, which translates into a maximum of technological safety!


Leistungssteigerung mit DrivePower - LET14 Chiptuning

DrivePower - LET14 by Autofascination delivers a performance increase of up to 20% to both torque (Nm) as well as the power (HP). Deviations may occur depending on the vehicle and model.



DrivePower - LET14 is suitable for all turbocharged diesel engines and turbo direct injection gasoline engines of all vehicle brands. Since the booster is perfectly adapted for the specific vehcile (make, model, type and year of construction), engine power is increased in a sustainable and highly efficient manner! The performance of any vehicle is therefore enhanced for best performance - without detrimental effects to safety-relevant components! The original motor protection features of the vehicle manufacturer remain unchanged.



Our DrivePower - LET14 is available for just about any brand of car, such as Dodge, Ford, Peugeot, Mercedes, Kia, Chevrolet and many more, with the following characteristics::

  • Turbocharged diesel engine
  • or turbo gasoline engine with direct injection
  • Electronic accelerator


Drive Power - LET14 BENEFITS

 Made in Switzerland
 Manufactured according to the ISO 9001 standard/CE
 Non-toxic (nickel/cadmium) production
 High-quality materials: Aluminum case/temperature-resistant plastics, etc.
 SMD-equipped with a tolerance range of less than 1%, hybrid and Euro 6 compatible
 Digitale microprocessor control for real-time optimization
 Extensive real-world test cycles
 Motor-specific programming



In diesel engines, the injection behavior is optimized for fuel quantity. This takes place by adjusting the levels of excess air. The signal for fuel quantity and pressure measured at the rail pressure sensor is optimized by our module in real-time, and sent to the engine control unit. The processor-controlled performance electronics is only switched on once in turbo mode, ie in the high-load range.

 The series controller remains completely unmodified
 Performance boost with individual adjustment for just about any turbo diesel engines
 No intervention to standard charge pressure control required
 No changes to service intervals Measures for lowering the water and oil temperatures are not required
 Swift conversion possible (no connection to battery or individual injectors required)
 Simple reversal to original condition possible

 Chip tuning with MAP sensor for gasoline direct injection engines with turbo charger

The MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) detects the absolute pressure in the intake manifold. The measurement is modified by our micro controller LET14 map technology, affecting the load pressure system. The output signal is optimized through the vehicle circuit. The MAP sensor is usually mounted directly on the intake manifold. The direct influence of the load pressure control, the actual limits remain within the manufacturer's prescribed values. The amount of air in the compressor is increased only within the mechanical and thermal control limits. Depending on the MAP sensor, the fuel pressure regulator regulates for constant fuel pressure. The constant pressure difference between the fuel system and intake manifold is used by the engine control unit to measure injection time.

 High-quality anodized aluminum
 Made in Switzerland with precision and attention to detail
 Impact and scratch resistant transparent makrolon case
 Direct operating test and inspection of the CPU
✓ Additional shockproof rubber on the housing ends


Turbo gasoline engines built before approx. 2009

Turbo gasoline vehicles built before approx. 2009 are usually not compatible with remote control units. For these engines, the tuning measures is implemented by way of a map change in the original engine control unit. Performance gains of up to 30% may be achieved on factory performance. The chip tuning is implemented through the engine mapping in the original control unit. Please contact us at for performance specifications and Another option for giving your vehicle an extra boost is our Quick Kick accelerator tuning.