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Is the service life of the engine affected significantly?

The performance boost does not stress the engine beyond its performance limits. The manufacturer's protective and diagnostic features of the control units remain intact. For this reason, the service life of the engine is not affected significantly. Our engine performance enhancements are always DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and Euro 5/6 compliant

How does the extra performance manifest itself?

The acceleration and elasticity change significantly. Even at low engine speed (from the time of activation of the turbo), the engine dynamics are improved. Depending on the vehicle, the maximum speed is increased by 0-30 km/h, provided that the vehicle has no v-max. limitation.

Does the performance improvement also work with automatic transmissions?

Of course. We consider the corresponding parameters for each individual vehicle depending on model and features when programming the performance booster.

Is consumption increased by the boosted performance?

The increased torque makes the engine more elastic, eg. requiring fewer gear changes in city traffic. A reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15% with the same driving style as before the tuning procedure, . However, if the increased performance is utilized in full, there are no fuel savings. Find our fuel-saving tips here

Is the performance boost compliant with emissions tests?

Our Chiptuning (auxiliary control unit) is compliant with emission limits. The sooting behavior or emission characteristics deteriorate only marginally compared to the series vehicle. Compliance with emission values is required for obtaining a certificate!

Are changes from the installation of the performance booster detectable?

After removal of the auxiliary control unit, no technical evidence for the prior installation of a performance booster remains.

Do the service intervals of the vehicle change?

No, the prescribed service intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturers still apply.

Is DIY installation feasible?

The simple installation using original plugs and an illustrated instruction can be implemented by a layman for 85% of the engines. However, installation by one of our service partners is recommended. This guarantees 100% safety on the road!

Can our chip tuning be removed by way of an auxiliary controller?

Yes, our chip tuning can be removed without apparent traces within a short time. The vehicle is returned to the serial production state after removal of the unit, ie. the previous tuning is no longer detectable. Furthermore, our auxiliary control unit can be reinstalled in vehicles with the same injection system. Please get in touch with our technical hotline or your installation workshop for reprogramming of the performance booster, since the performance enhancement is programmed for specific vehicles.

Is the warranty included?

We grant a 24-month warranty for individuals on our auxiliary control unit (control units incl. wiring harnesses). This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective components of the auxiliary control unit or the complete auxiliary control unit.

Are structural modifications to the car for the installation of the performance booster?

No, the vehicle must not be modified, since the components of the vehicles are adequately dimensioned.

Benefits of the auxiliary control unit (our tuning solution):

  • Performance optimization in real time
  • Simple installation and traceless removal - even by laymen
  • Connection with original OEM quality connectors with protective cover, which ensure that your auxiliary control unit will look as good as new even after years of use
  • After removal, the vehicle is back to the production state, and the previously installed performance booster is no longer detectable
  • All motor protection features remain intact
  • Even in case of factory software updates, our chip tuning remains completely untouched
  • When changing vehicles, we can convert the performance boost for the new car in most cases, or you can sell your module

Disadvantages of map optimization (chip tuning directly on the engine control unit)

  • The customer cannot modify the tuning, and must request all changes directly from the tuning provider
  • In case of older vehicles, diagnostics of the engine control unit are commonly rendered impossible (the workshop cannot read or delete error messages)
  • Risk of engine damage in case of improper optimization of the vehicle software. The turbo may overheat or the particle filter may burning out. The protective functions of the engine may fail if used improperly
  • Factory software updates delete the entire map optimization in the engine control unit, meaning that further costs are incurred by restoring of the tuning in your tuner. At the very least extensive time and discussions
  • This type of chip tuning is commonly detected by the vehicle manufacturer. You stand to lose your warranty and bear the cost of any damage/wear
  • The tuning software cannot be converted for a new car when changing vehicles

Warning:These field map optimization issues do not arise with our chip tuning solution, since an additional engine control unit is used to optimize the engine! We do not implement any modifications to the engine or the vendor software.

What does the additional control unit do? (optimization of engine management)?

For diesel vehicles, the fuel supply is adjusted; in case of gasoline engines, this adjustment is implemented by an increase in injection pressure.

Why does the manufacturer not provide engine optimization?

Since manufacturers sell their vehicles around the world and have to account for different climatic circumstances, the vehicles come with reserves, which we utilize by way of our auxiliary control unit. By now, manufacturers have started offering the same engine with different performance configurations and different prices. This is also a form of optimization, which is, however, much more expensive than our auxiliary control unit.

What happens in case of manufacturer software updates?

In difference to direct tuning of the engine control unit, our performance boost is neither altered nor overwritten by software updates by the manufacturer.

Do the engine protection features remain intact?

The engine protection functions remain intact, since our auxiliary control unit does not affect nor modify the monitoring functions of the original controller.

Is the diesel particle filter affected?

The diesel particulate filter not exposed to any additional load by our auxiliary control unit.

What about Euro 5/6 or hybrid engines?

Since the programming is engine-specific, we can also provide auxiliary control units for Euro5/6 cars. Since our auxiliary control unit only affects the engine, it can naturally be used with hybrid engines.

Can I reuse the auxiliary control unit even after change of vehicles?

The auxiliary control unit does not turn into waste when purchasing a new vehicle. If you opt for a vehicle with the same injection system, you can reuse your auxiliary control unit. However, since your performance booster was programmed for a specific engine, reprogramming at our site may be required under certain circumstances. We are more than happy to answer any questions in this regard and any other topic by phone.

Can I install a performance booster in a high mileage car?

The auxiliary control unit can also be used for long-distance vehicles. However, the auxiliary control unit probably must be fine-tuned to account for the advanced stage of engine wear. However, that's easily performed with the support of our technical team on 06155-868180.

Why are there other performance improvements as cheap as 50 euros?

There are a range of issues here. The main argument is certainly that many distributors selling such "supermodules" capable of doing everything are simply lying! The benefits of our product are obvious: Made in Switzerland, Iso-certified and produced according to ISO 9001, emission-free production, high-quality materials, temperature-resistant plastics, SMD assembly with a tolerance range of below 1%, digital microprocessor control for real-time optimization, extensive test cycles, and motor-specific programming , Our customers are not guinea pigs!

Any further questions? We are more than happy to respond! Use our contact form for any further questions you may have.