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Sprit sparen mit DrivePower - LET14 von Autofaszination

Sprit Sparschwein DrivePower - LET14

The increase in performance and torque has a strong positive effect on the fuel consumption of your vehicle when driving with an efficiently. The installation of our chip tuning is easy on your wallet, and on our environment.

You can save even more fuel by observing the following fuel-saving tips:

Go easy on the brakes! Drive with foresight! "Degressive braking" i.e. braking sharply initially, and then rolling out towards the stopping point. That's how you avoid really stepping on the brakes

Minimize power consumption! Seat heating, air conditioning, rear window defroster, rear view mirror(s) heating, etc. increase power generation by the alternator. Avoid these unnecessary power guzzlers if possible.

Reduce your speedFuel consumption increases due to the higher air resistance and higher friction losses, both occour with increasing speed

Stop the engine! Switching off the engine at traffic lights and railroad crossings is worthwhile for waiting periods of 10 seconds or more for modern cars.

Shift up early! The lower the engine speed, the lower the power consumption.

Immediately start driving after turning on your vehicle! New vehicles do not require long warm-up times in the winter. When the engine is running, the operating temperature is reached much more quickly nowadays. Avoid unnecessary idling times


Accelerate quickly! Efficiency is greatest at around 90% of full throttle. This does not entail high engine speeds, but rather switching as quickly as possible to reach the upper gears.This in turn lowers revolutions

Check tire pressure! Optimum tire pressure decreases the tread width and thus rolling resistance of the tire

Clean up! The greater the weight of the vehicle, the more energy is needed to move it. Remove unnecessary items from your vehicle. This will reduce the total weight.

Accelerate uphill and avoid downhill brakingGoing uphill requires more energy. Bring the vehicle up to the desired speed before going up the hill. Going downhill, the vehicle has more kinetic energy, use this to let the vehicle roll.