Installation Instruction | DrivePower - LET14

Chiptuning Einbau Autofaszination

Here you will find important general installation instructions for Chiptuning Drive Power - LET14 Built in a turbo diesel vehicle. For each ordered Drive Power - LET14 chiptuning you receive the appropriate installation instructions, and provided essential information.Here you can also find a few installation movies for DrivePower - LET14. 

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Auto Haube öffnenFahrzeug schliessen3 Minuten wartenChiptuning DrivePower - LET14 Einbauen


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1. If there is any, remove the (bolted or screwed) engine cover.
2. Connect the additional control device with the provided connection cable.
3. Unplug the rail pressure plug (see red arrow in figure of engine)
4. Take the ends of the T-piece starting from the connection cable and connect them between the rail pressure sensor
    and the original connection cable..
5. Switch on the ignition
6. Self-testing of DrivePower: Two red LED lights will flash alternately for approx. 3 seconds, the green LED will light permanently.
7. Put the additional control device into the protective bag and close the bag.
8. Attach the DrivePower device together with the connection cable and the cable ties to a suitable place.
    Attention: Do not attach to any moving parts, or any parts which are accessible to water or can become
   extremely hot (i.e. exhaust system)! The opening of the protective bag must be
    facing down for potential condensation water to drain off.
9. Thereafter, go for a test drive (see information).


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After the installation, the increase in performance will immediately take effect and adapt within the next miles driven. During the test drive accelerate several times for having the engine reach its peaks of power. Should the engine stutter or pause during acceleration or emergency operating mode, please contact the technical support hotline. This can happen in case of high mileage or series deviations.

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Fuel inction system

The “rail pressure sensor“ connector is always located on the rail pipe, in case of V-engines there are also two rail pipes. However, there is always only one three phase rail pressure sensor!

Anschluss an Raildruck-Sensor

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Plug connection

The chamfered nose of the plug (blue arrow) must lock in place on the flap (red arrow)
Attention: In case of twisting the technical functioning will not be achieved.


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Technik Chiptuning DrivePower - LET14 Modul5 volt power supply
Can only be connected to rail pressure sensor


Com1 = Channe 1
Com2 = Channel 2
DC = Direct current (5 volt)

«3, 2, 1» Numbering of the
hex code switches (rotary switch)


Achtung ZeichenChanging the settings may only be carried out after consultation with the technical support hotline! The programming of the additional control device to “Optimum” was prepared based on engine-specific parameters in accordance with the ISO 9001 guidelines. Any unauthorized adjustments may lead to failures of the diesel particulate filter and the fail-safe program of the engine.