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 Rechtliche Hinweise Chiptuning Autofaszination


Acceptance of chip tuning by test the test authority

As is the case with most structural changes to a vehicle, the installation of chip tuning requires a new entry in the vehicle papers by an expert organization such as TÜV. Without registration in the vehicle documents, the vehicle acceptance expires.

Parts expert report

Reputable chip tuning manufacturers such as Autofascination have the various vehicle models with built-in auxiliary control unit inspected by TÜV or other inspection services in accordance with § 19 StVZO before they are launched to market. This entails verification of compliance with the emission standards among other aspects. An inspection at a testing center is necessary for each brand and model, and in some cases for each model year and engine size. After acceptance, a TÜV certificate is issued, permitting registration in vehicle documents.

Since there is such a wide range of brands and car models, the inspection always takes a while, especially when it comes to new models. Find an overview of all currently available certificates here.

Registration in vehicle papers

Without registration of the built-in performance enhancement module in the vehicle documents according to § 22 StVZO, the vehicle acceptance expires. Also, the insurance coverage expires without the acceptance of changes. We recommend for our customers to notify their insurance company by e-mail on the installation of performance boosts. The insurance classification depends on displacement, which means that the insurance classification is unlikely to change

Manufacturer's warranty

Even with proper acceptance and registration of the chip tuning, the manufacturer's warranty expires, since the modification is not approved by the manufacturer. However, the statutory warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase on vehicle parts, which may not have been affected by the chip tuning under any circumstances, remains in place (for example passing beam).

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