Manufacturing | DrivePower - LET14

fertigung -herstellung

Analog technology may not work 100% in the digital age. Previously, performance booster testing with the older generation (analog) always triggered errors in the engine control (engine control lamp). For this reason, LET14 Leading Edge Technology was introduced after careful examination, and developed with the highest quality standards. The LET14 auxiliary control module relies entirely on digital technology to implement voltage changes without affecting tolerances. The latest generation, DrivePower - LET14, is based on an even faster processor than its predecessor module LET14.

DrivePower-Let14 Modul Chiptuning Autofaszination


DrivePower - LET14 features

  • Nickel and Cadmium-free production 
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Contaminant-free components
  • Microprocessor control for real-time implementation
  • SMD mounting of the module
  • 100% digital
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Manufacturing/production in detail:

Stage 1: Manufacturing

Roboter zur Fertigung von DrivePower - LET14

A special glue-zinc mixture is forced through a custom mask onto the circuit board to ensure that the paste is applied only where components are mounted in due course.

Components for soldering are picked by a robot by vacuum based on a fixed program, and mounted at the correct position on the board. The robot checks the specified mounting location by optical sensors to ensure that the guide rail on the PCB is firmly in place. This combination of speed and precision permits a production volume of 1,000 units per day.

The circuit board with the previously placed components is now heated by a range of heat chambers of varying temperatures to ensure that the board is not heated by more than 3 °C per second. That's because the board would otherwise tear from thermal shock. During the heating phase, the placed zinc mixture that was initially applied will bleed off.

The cool-down is supported by several large fans to harden the board; the loosely placed components are thereby soldered on.

Then the PCB is dispatched to the AOI machines (Automated Optical Inspection).

Inside this machine, a robot scans the board for errors using optical sensors. Any detected errors are corrected manually by a member of staff.

Stage 2: Programming

Programmierung DrivePower - LET14

Our software is programmed individually for the various performance boosting modules and perfectly matched for each specific vehicle (make, model, year, etc.) in advance; it is based on more than 20 years of experience, and ensures clean vehicle identification through more than 6,000 specific data sets. The combination of hardware, the Drive Power - LET 14 modules, and powerful software delivers high versatility. The modules are originally simply designed for the engine fuel type, and the auxiliary control unit is then commissioned by uploading of the extensively tested datasets to the module. The uploading of datasets and installation of performance enhancement modules is performed using only original cables.


Using the example of an Audi A3 2.0 TDI, the programming sequence can be represented as follows.

  • Selection of a diesel module
  • Connect the module to your PC using the original plug-in adapter
  • Selection of a vehicle-specific data set
  • Confirm and transmit programming
  • Disconnect module from PC and install in vehicle

 Step 3: Fine-tuning

Feinabstimmung Drehschalter DrivePower - LET14

Primarily, DrivePower - LET14 is already designed for the optimum efficiency level, and the issue of fine-tuning only comes up in special cases. Such special cases commonly arise often due to engine serial dispersion. Generally, fine adjustments must be implemented only in consultation with the Autofascination technology team.
However, with some engines, minor production differences may affect factory output. This is generally expected and should hardly be noticeable during everyday use. If a performance boost is installed in the vehicle, the raised factory output may be incompatible with the additional performance. The possibility of fine-tuning for specific models is available for such cases.
The fuel quantity and timing is easily adjusted using the left and middle rotary switch under the guidance of an Autofascination technician. This additional flexibility permits us to equip just about any vehicle with a tailored DrivePower LET14 module.