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2 years warranty on Power Drive - LET14 Chip tuning

Out of pure confidence in our chip tuning, Autofascination grants customers a 2-year warranty on DrivePower - LET14 chip tuning. Another reason why our engine performance enhancement can be installed safely in your car.

We recommend to notify your insurance following installation of the engine performance enhancement module.

To get the full benefits of our warranty and services, please register your chip tuning with the serial number in our chip tuning activation region.

In addition to our 2-year warranty, we guarantee the following advantages of the DrivePower - LET14 chiptuning, for a maximum of safety and comfort on the road:

 Swiss Made
✓  2 years' official warranty
 Manufactured according to ISO 9001
 Manufacturer-specific programming 
 High-quality development and production
 Extensive product testing before launch 
 Processor control and SMD assembly for maximum performance
 Compliance with all technical and environmental requirements of ISO 9001  


Supplements to the warranty are specified in our terms and conditions under § 7 Warranty.