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Installing Quick Kick in your vehicle

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Locate the gas pedal's plug-in connection. In some vehicles it is located behind the gas pedal. If the plug-in connector is easily accessible: please proceed with Step (B). You can remove the gas pedal by loosening the screwed connection. The gas pedal is usually held in place by a parallel, mechanical slider mechanism.


Remove the original plug-in connection. Connect your Quick Kick to the original plug-in connector and gas pedal using the cable harness provided. Reconnect all disassembled parts. Make sure the gas pedal moves freely and nothing rubs against any cables!


Switch on the ignition to check functionality. Two LEDs should now flash red/green alternately for about 3 seconds. The green LED should then remain lit. Job done! Enjoy the ride with Quick Kick!

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Remote control functionality


The optionally available remote control enables the use of two additional settings. In addition to Sport Mode you can use it to switch between Eco Mode and Sport Plus Mode.

Modes are switched via an infra-red signal. To change the mode, point the remote control directly at the acrylic base of the Quick Kick. A new setting can only be programmed with a direct line of sight

This is how to do it:

  • Press the center button ( A ) - LED ( B ) lights up green.
  • Press button ( A ) again to indicate the status ( C ) 
  • Press button ( A ) repeatedly to program the desired mode, which is then displayed by the corresponding color ( C )

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Please note that the remote control is not included with delivery
However, you can order it at any time as an optional extra. In this case please contact us by email under info@autofascination.com or on our hotline: +1 941 698 1535