Gas Pedal Tuning Quickkick


Quickly find the right Quick Kick gas pedal tuning module for your car!




Quick Kick gas pedal tuning module – the retrofit sports button



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More driving fun

No more response delays when you hit the gas pedal! Improving gas pedal reaction time guarantees pure driving enjoyment. Turn your car into a sprinter and kiss “delayed response” goodbye!

Shorter reaction time

Select your personal driving mode with Quick Kick. Sport mode is delivered as standard. Other modes, namely Eco and Sport Plus, are selectable via the remote control available as an optional extra. There is no intervention in the vehicle's gas pedal control function. An entry into the vehicle's registration document is not required as the vehicle's KW rating does not change

More dynamics

Quick Kick makes your engine to respond immediately to your demand for power! No more response delay, but simply a more agile and sporty driving style. Quick Kick is your own customized power mode.



How Quick Kick works

Quick Kick Gaspedal Optimierung1. Shorter gas pedal curve

2. Direct assembly with the original plug-in connection

Optional remote control:
Adjustable to Eco Mode & Sport Plus Mode

(standard setting = Sport)





Now available for Audi, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Seat & many more

Use our vehicle configurator to find the right Quick Kick for your car! Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy more powerful starts. The optionally available remote control lets you switch between the additional Eco Mode & Sport Plus Mode

Quick Kick gas pedal optimization: $ 249.- exclusive VAT.

Optional remote control: $ 85.- exclusive VAT