American Web Service Repair Shops |

American Web Service Repair Shops |

What is  American Web Service Repair Shops?

The American Web Service Repair Shops Concept was introduced in the spring of 2015. It informs the customer that the repair shop is an installation partner for car accessories, chip-tuning and other automotive services ordered through Autofascination and therefore places value on price transparency and quality! The automotive industry has been in a state of change for many years. Repair shops in particular need to adapt to new customer needs and wants, especially in the online age. Today's private customers use the American Web Service Repair Shops to contact the repair shop of their choice directly online.

American Web Service Repair Shops Door StickerDoor sticker for identification
Private customers recognize repair shops that keep up with the times and place value on transparent service by the door decal. They can look for the decal on the repair shop door. If they see the decal they can contact their regional repair shop at any time 24/7 via to order accessories online and have them fitted at their regional repair shop.

Revolutionary & Unique

Many repair shops have already registered as installation partners. They are actively recommended to customers during the ordering process as fitters for the selected automotive components and accessories. Additionally, private customers benefit from the option to initiate an appointment online with their preferred installation date. The appointment is subsequently confirmed online by the repair shop.

So what are you waiting for? Locate a repair shop in your region and have them fit chip-tuning & automotive accessories purchased online from Autofascination!